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Audit Proof GSTR-3B

enComply offers completely automated
Audit-Proof GSTR-3B Processing.

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  • Automated Reconciliations
    • GSR-2B data from GSTN via GET API
    • Purchase Ledger by GSTIN from enterprise source systems
    • Matched & Unmatched invoices
  • Automated 3B Computation
    • Matched GSR-2B invoice ledger
    • GSTR-1 data (Sales ledger) as posted
    • Compute and Generate audit-proof 3-B
    • Compliance status & ITC dashboard
  • Automated Outcomes
    • Say no to notice/audit costs for ever
    • Supplier/GSTIN/Dept. wise mismatch reports to process disputes
    • Internal ITC vs GSTIN ITC comparision

It all starts with minimal impact on
source systems!

In any format & in any number of files

GSTR-3B - Single or Muti Source Sales data

Single or Muti Source Sales data

GSTR-3B - Optional Master Data Synchronize

Optional Master Data Synchronize

GSTR - 3B - Purchase & Expense Data

Purchase & Expense Data

1. Custom Upload templates

Minimal work on source systems means minimal impact to change.

Any data format, any number of files, one or many source systems, load masters, transactions seperately, multiple file formats....

Transformations are on us!

Merge, Seggregate & Aggregate

GSTR-3B - By Transaction Type

By Transaction Type

GSTR-3B - Aggregations


GSTR-3B - Derived Data


GSTR-3B - Derived Data

Derived Data

2. Integrate with options

1. sFTP or AWS - S3 with Scheduler

2. REST - API we offer interface as a service (or)

3. Just chose to upload files

Its simple to setup integration option!

Validate, Prepare & Qualify

GSTR-3B- GSTR - 1 Ledgers

GSTR - 1 Ledgers

GSTR-3B - GSTR -2 Ledgers

GSTR - 2 Ledgers

3. Ask for ERP connectors

1. SAP, Oracle, Infor, QAD


3. Tally, Marg

We offer Standard ERP connectors

Compute with complete

Audit proof 3B Computation

GSTR3B Preparer:

Step-1:Bridge data from GSTR-2B with reconciliation status.

Step-2:Bridge data from PR with reconciliation status.

Step-3:User can choose to claim ITC credit based on (a) All 2B downloaded invoices, (b) 2B reconciled invoices, or PR reconciled Invoices.

ITC Management

Manage unclaimed ITC with collaborative updates to track

  • Unclaimed invoices in PR
  • Unclaimed invoices in 2B Ledger by Supplier
  • By Department

Advanced ITC and Cash dashboard widgetstowards purchase planning

GSTR-3B - Audit Process

Include Services & Outcomes


Custom I/P Data templates

Tax and Compliance technology is all about minimizing change impact. Minimize your IT work with our data transformation maps.


Automated Integrations

Secure FTP, AWS S3, REST API or Electronic Upload. Seamlessly integrate with any option for any number of source software.


Standard ERP Connectors

Completely automate with Standard ERP connectors for your SAP, Oracle, MS NAV/AX, Infor, QAD, Tally, Marg and more.


Mismatch tolerance rules

Advanced rules automation offers auto-tolerance limit configuration to efficiently process reconciliations. Option to generate accounting JEs


Continuous Reconciliations

Reconcile weekly and reconcile data for all pending mismatches. Collaborative reconciliation process by front, middle & back offices


Multiple mismatch reports

Mismatch reports by Supplier, Location, BU/Dept or a combination. Option to generate B2B-Partner wise Credit/Debit note requests.

Why are we better?

High ROI (Accuracy, Savings and Efficiency)

Accuracy with monthly returns reduces repeat work by 160%. Also avoid notices and audits.

Ensures 100% ITC. Investment in Tax technology with us is not to merely do filings. Its towards 150% ROI.

Collaborate between departments within an Org or Suppliers and Customers with 3x efficiency.

Compliance Health Monitoring for Tax & Compliance heads

  • Filing & Processing status
  • ITC Ledger
  • Cash Ledger
  • Cash and ITC Balance
  • Liability Balance
  • Liability Ledger
  • Pending ITC by GSTIN
  • Mismatch by Supplier
  • Unclaimed ITC by GSTIN

Management Dashboard widgets with Business Insights

  • Net Sales Trend by month
  • Rate/HSN/Item Wise Sales
  • GSTIN Wise Sales
  • B2B/Expense/Import & Net
  • Purchase Trend by month
  • Rate/HSN/Item/GSTIN wise Purchases
  • Purchase to Sales Analytics
  • Custom Business Insights
  • Unclaimed ITC by Org/GSTIN

Ensure Compliance with


25 years of Indirect
Tax Experience


Authorized GSP CMMI-L3
& ISO-27001

Best Technology

#1 Data Qualification