Robust and Reliable Solution for your GSTR needs

Automated Reconciliations

  • GSR-2B data from GSTN via GET API
  • Purchase Ledger by GSTIN from enterprise
  • source systems
  • Reconcile 2B Vs PR data
  • Matched & Unmatched invoices

Automated 3B Computation

  • Claim ITC from 2B Reconciled data
  • Claim ITC based on Matched records
  • Option to claim ITC from Un Matched records
  • Lock the invoices once ITC claimed
  • Fetch Sales data from the client ERPs through various integrations

Automated Outcomes

  • Say no to notice/audit costs forever
  • GSTR 3B Json file, HTML Report
  • Section-wise Json to excel Report
  • Supplier/GSTIN/Dept. wise mismatch reports to process disputes
  • Internal ITC vs GSTIN ITC comparison

How Taxilla's GSTR3b Works

Audit proof
3B Computation


Step-1: Bridge data from GSTR-2B with reconciliation status.
Step-2: Bridge data from PR with reconciliation status.
Step-3: User can choose to claim ITC credit based on (a) All 2B downloaded invoices, (b) 2B reconciled invoices, or PR reconciled Invoices.

ITC Management

Manage unclaimed ITC with collaborative updates to track

Manage unclaimed ITC with collaborative updates to track Unclaimed invoices in PR Unclaimed invoices in 2B Ledger by Supplier Advanced ITC and Cash dashboard widgets towards purchase planning

It all starts with minimal impact on source systems

Its simple to setup
integration option

Aggregations By GSTIN, By Transaction Type Derived Data

Integrate with options

1. sFTP or AWS - S3 with Scheduler

2. REST - API we offer interface as a service

3. Just chose to upload files

We offer Standard
ERP connectors

GSTR1 Ledgers

GSTR2 Ledgers

Ask for ERP connectors

1. SAP, Oracle, Infor, QAD


3. Tally, Marg

are on us!

Single or Muti Source Sales data Optional Master Data Synchronize Purchase & Expense Data Custom Upload templates

1. Minimal work on source systems

2. minimal impact to change.

3. Any data format, any number of files, one or many source systems, load masters, transactions separately, multiple file formats

Services and Outcomes

Custom I/P Data Templates

Tax and Compliance technology is all about minimising change impact. Minimise your IT work with our data transformation maps

Mismatch tolerance rules

Advanced rules automation offers auto-tolerance limit configuration to efficiently process reconciliations. Option to generate accounting JEs

Automated Integrations

Secure FTP, AWS S3, REST API or Electronic upload. Seamlessly integrate with any option for any number of source software

Continuous Reconciliations

Reconcile weekly and reconcile data for all pending mismatches. Colloborative reconciliation process by front, middle and back offices.

Standard ERP Connectors

Completely automate with standard ERP connectors for your SAP, Oracle, MS NAV/AX, Infor, QAD, Tally, Marg and more

Multiple Mismatch reports

Mismatch reports by Supplier, Location, BU/Dept or a combination. Option to generate B2B-Partner wise Credit/Debit note requests.

Why are we better?

Functional Advantages:

  • 100+ Data Validations
  • PAN Level Return Processing
  • Claim ITC from 2B Reconciled data
  • Claim ITC based on Matched records
  • Option to claim ITC from Un Matched records
  • Lock the invoices once ITC claimed

High ROI(Accuracy, Savings and Efficiency

  • monthly returns reduces
  • Ensures 100% ITC.
  • Not merely filings, 150% ROI
  • 3x effienciency during collobaration between suppliers and customers

Compliance Health onitoring for Tax & Compliance heads

  • Filing & processing status
  • ITC Ledger, Cash Ledger, Liability Ledger
  • Cash, ITC, Liabliity Balance
  • Pending ITC, Unclaimed ITC by GSTIN
  • Mismatch by Supplier

Management Dashboard widgets with Business Insights

  • B2B/Expense/Import & Net
  • Purchase to Sales Analytics
  • Net Sales Trend, Purchase
    trend by month
  • Rate/HSN/Item Wise/GSTIN Wise Sales

Our Key Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming soon...

Please find below update on enInvoice-KSA for phase 2.

  • ZATCA has started communicating to target Tax payers to get ready with phase 2 requirements by 1st of January, 2023.
  • Tax payers with revenue (subject to VAT for the year 2021) of more than 3 billion SAR as of 2021 Please find above is the latest update published by ZATCA

Please find below update on enInvoice-KSA for phase 2. ZATCA has started communicating to target Tax payers to get ready with phase 2 requirements by 1st of January, 2023.Tax payers with revenue (subject to VAT for the year 2021) of more than 3 billion SAR as of 2021

Please find above is the latest update published by ZATCA

Maximize Input Tax Credit (ITC through GSTR3B

For both small and large enterprises in India, one of the most critical tax documents is the GSTR3B return as based on this ITC gets determined. Companies should file this return monthly, including all the sales and purchases made by your business during the month. For GSTR3B filing should be audit proof and reconciled with GSTR1, GSTR2B and Purchase Register (PR) data. In addition, if you have a large amount of input tax credit (ITC), it is vital maximizing your ITC return to reduce your overall tax liability. Managing unclaimed ITC with collabaritive update to track unclaimed invoices by Supplier, Department in Purchase Register, 2B ledger with visibility via dashboard are keys for ITC management.

Here are some tips on how to maximize ITC:

1) Invoice Validity: Make sure that all of your invoices are accurate and up to date. It means that all of the information on the invoice, such as the date, GSTIN number, product description, etc., should be correct. If there are any discrepancies between the invoice and the actual purchase or sale, then it could impact your ITC claim.

2) Track your ITC balances: Track your ITC balances carefully. It is essential to know how much ITC you have available to make informed decisions about when to claim it. You can use software or an Excel spreadsheet to help with this tracking.

3) Take advantage of government schemes: Take advantage of government schemes. There are several schemes available that can help businesses increase their ITC refund amount. For example, the Input Tax Credit Utilization Scheme allows companies to carry forward excess ITC from one month to another. The Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme provides a 20% refund on certain imported capital goods used for manufacturing or exports.

4) Claim your ITC asap: Claim your ITC as soon as possible. Don't wait until the end of the year - if you do this, then you could end up forfeiting some of it. Instead, claim it as soon as you become eligible for it (usually within 2-3 months after making a purchase). It will help ensure that you receive the full benefit of your credit.

5) Keep Records: Keep good records! It sounds like an obvious tip, but it's essential, nonetheless. Ensure that you keep all relevant documentation relating to your purchases and sales, such as invoices, bills of lading, customs declarations forms, etc. You can do a few key things to make sure you're getting the most out of your input tax return (GSTR3B). First and foremost, be sure to keep good records. Having detailed invoices for all your purchases and any other documentation that may be relevant makes the reconciliation simple. Secondly, don't wait until the last minute to file your return - give yourself plenty of time to double-check everything and avoid any mistakes. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.


By following these simple tips, you can ensure that you're taking full advantage of your GSTR3B input tax return and getting the most money back from the government. Maximizing your input tax return (GSTR3B) ensures that all your eligible purchases are appropriately invoiced. It means that the supplier has included the correct GST amount on the invoice and that you have kept accurate records of the purchase. Another way to maximize your GSTR3B is to take advantage of any eligible deductions, such as those for business expenses. Finally, be sure to file your GSTR3B on time to avoid any penalties or interest charges

All of the above will help you manage the process better and ensure that you take advantage of all credits available at your disposal and avoid delays in your payment cycle.

Why Choose Taxilla to Maximize your GSTR3B Return?

Taxilla's SaaS application Audit Proof 3B offers validations, reconciliations, and preparation of GSTR3B with automation and compliance features. Taxilla aslo offers the most advanced features rich GSTR3B solutions with below unique features. .
  • Automatically Fetch data from GSTR1, GSTR 2B.
  • Generate and post GSTR-3B return automatically with click of the button.
  • Increased ROI as there is no penalty, notice and audit costs for ever
  • Reconcile 2B data with PR data with segregation of matched, partial matched, unmatched data as per supplier, department, branch or location with dispute management.
  • Automated ITC setoff calculation with tax payable as per ITC rules before posting to GSTN for better credit utilization.
  • Calculations of ITC reversal U/s,42,43
  • Calculations of inelible ITC section 17(5)
  • Options to claim ITC from partial and unmatched records as per tolerance limit.
  • PAN level GST return processing with special status widgets.
  • Various Dashboards for, Org, GSTN, Department, Supplier for better ITC visibility.
  • Carry forward ITC
  • ITC from GSTR 6
  • Automatically Revised ITC calculation based on invoice amendments of suppliers with alerts for excess ITC available for claim for already claimed invoices.
  • Year wise MIS reports with Graphs at location level and organization level
  • Please reach out to our experts to understand how we can help you.

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