GST Reconciliations

Reconcile your purchase ledgers with GSTR 2A data towards maximizing ITC.

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  • Process monthly/quarterly/YTD data
    • More than a million invoices processed already for mismatch identification
    • Upload and reconcile at all-India level
    • Match your purchases with GSTR 2A even in different periods
  • Intelligent Reconciliations
    • Exact match on Supplier GSTIN, Invoice no & Invoice date
    • Invoice pattern matching
    • Probable match on Tax amounts
    • Built-in adoptable intelligence
  • Advanced Outcomes
    • Supplier wise mismatch reports
    • Automated Netoff with credit note & Debit note
    • Increased ITC with advanced reconciliations

Accurate reconciliations with

GSTR 2A Reconciliation Automation

Downloading & Validation

Download GSTR-2A from GSTN portal

Download GSTR-2A from GSTN portal for all the 9 months using API

consolidated B2B invoices.

Upload consolidated Inward file for 9 months for only B2B invoices.

System will error out all B2C

System will error out all B2C and intra-state branch transfers from Inward file & CFS="N" records wouldn't be considered for reconciliation.

 B2B and ISD

Net off CDN invoices with B2B and ISD for both GSTR-2A and Inward files & no separate entries in reconciliation report.

Aggregation & Matching

Regular invoices would be overwritten with amendment invoices in GSTR-2A and Inward files.

The invoices are aggregated by Supplier GSTIN and Invoice No

Do comparison on GSTIN and Invoice Number of Inward and GSTR-2A files, then mark them as matched or unmatched.


Reports showing reverse mismatch items, matched & mismatched Items

State wise summary of mismatch report for Input Tax Credit

Consolidated report for org level mismatched invoices

GSTR 2A Summary of Mismatch

Included Services &


Bulk Mismatch Processing

Bulk mis-match handling for Large Enterprises having large number of inward invoices


Advance reconciliation

Reconciliation of your invoices in advance with vendors well before filing it on GSTN


Past data reconciliations

The only service in India to handle reconciliations for past 12 months of your data


Collaborative Vendor Process

Collaborative workflow process for dispute resolution with multiple small & medium sized vendors


Maximum ITC

Ensure maximum input tax credit with accurate & in-time reconciliations of mismatches


Dedicated support

Dedicated team to handle your mismatches & follow up with vendors on actionable

Why are we better?

Insighful Reports

Action oriented Color coded reports & graphical visualizations

GSTR 2A Reconciliation itc credit
  • Matched
  • Conditional Matched
  • Unmatched

See how much Input Tax Credit can be availed as per GSTR 3B

Clearly know the breakup value of matched, unmatched & conditional matched

Customized reports on demand

Drill deep into the mismatch reports for better control over disputed invoices or mismatches

Get all mismatches categorized by type of the dispute

Conditional Mismatch - GSTR 2A Conditional Matched

Avoid penalties with complete Transparency

Gain clear view of transactions which are not accounted in the books

Get the details of transactions or invoices which are filed in the current year & in the previous year

Not Accounted In Books - GSTR 2A Not Accounted in Books

Maximize ITC with accurate monthly returns

Accuracy with monthly returns reduces repeat work by 160%. Also avoid notices and audits.

Ensures 100% ITC. Investment in Tax technology with us is not to merely do filings. Its towards 150% ROI.

Managed Services

  • Share your purchase data by GSTIN number. We automatically fetch 2A data from GSTN & process centrally even for all india data
  • Our central team connects with you and your business partners to resolve any mismatches
  • Additionally gain from the GSTIN wise dashboards

Better Technology and Features

  • Automatic replacement of Regular Invoices with Amendment invoices if amendments exists
  • Sophisticated pattern matching used to reduce manual effort
  • All unmatched invoices are consolidated at Pan-India level for further matching across GSTINs

Customized reports on demand

  • Action oriented Color coded reports & graphical visualizations
  • Get all mismatches categorised by type of the dispute
  • Gain clear view of transactions which are not accounted in the books

Ensure Compliance with


25 years of Indirect
Tax Experience


Authorized GSP CMMI-L3
& ISO-27001

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