Robust and Reliable Solution for your GST Reconciliation needs

Process monthly/quarterly/YTD data

  • More than a million invoices processed already for mismatch identification
  • Upload and reconcile at all-India level
  • Match your purchases with GSTR 2A even in different periods

Intelligent Reconciliations

  • Exact match on Supplier GSTIN, Invoice no & Invoice date
  • Invoice pattern matching
  • Probable match on Tax amounts
  • Built-in adoptable intelligence

Advanced Outcomes

  • Supplier wise mismatch reports
  • Automated Netoff with credit note & Debit note
  • Increased ITC with advanced reconciliations
Accurate reconciliations with Automation
Why are we better?

(Technical Advantages)

Customized reports on demand

  • Drill deep into the mismatch reports for better control over disputed invoices or mismatches
  • Get all mismatches categorized by type of the dispute

Avoid penalties with complete Transparency

  • Gain clear view of transactions which are not accounted in the books
  • Get the details of transactions or invoices which are filed in the current year & in the previous year

Maximize ITC with accurate monthly returns

  • Accuracy with monthly returns reduces repeat work by 160%. Also avoid notices and audits.
  • Ensures 100% ITC. Investment in Tax technology with us is not to merely do filings. Its towards 150% ROI.


Conditional Matched


See how much Input Tax Credit can be availed as per GSTR 3B

Clearly know the breakup value of matched, unmatched & conditional matched

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Authorized GSP CMMI-L3
& ISO-27001

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