How Taxilla's e invoicing software Solution Works

gst e invoicing workflow

Multisource I/P-eInvoice

Effortlessly integrate, load and transform

  • Flip Orders to Invoices,
  • Convert multiple orders to invoice,
  • Load data from BU level systems, branch level or centrally and process eInvoice per jurisdiction.
  • Choice of integration API/s-FTP.

Clearance & Electronic Lodging

End-to-End automation

  • Accurate e-Invoice data in FA(1) format
  • API integration with KSeF system
  • Always compliant with auto update of proposed changes
  • e-Delivery of invoices to buyers
  • Collaborative B2B Network

Accounting Ledgers & Reporting

Auto-Bridge for additional outcomes

  • Tax compliance reporting by country
  • Prepare accounting ledgers to take back to financial systems
  • Cash and other multi-way Reconciliations

At Taxilla,

we are Partner Centric

We've ensured to get certified by the best in business

Taxilla works effortlessly with all enterprise software and is a certified partner of many popular ERPs.

We are the 1st choice to proven System Integrators

Our robust integration and transformation engine helps configure custom converters effortlessly with all enterprise software (custom included). Our SI Partners offer services in many ERPs including,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IRP?
IRP is an acronym for Invoice Registration Portal. It is website where notified taxpayers has to upload or report eInvoices.
What is IRN?
What is e-Invoice in GST?
On succesful reporting of invoices to IRP by notified suppliers, IRP will issue invoice with IRN after digitally signing the invoice and adding a QR code. Then, this invoice can be shared to buyer which is called as e-Invoice in GST
What are the components of QR code?
a.GSTIN of Supplier b.GSTIN of Recipent c.Invoice number, as given by Supplier d.Date of generation of invoice e.Invoice value (taxable value and gross tax) f.Number of line items g.HSN Code of main item (line item having highest taxable value) h.Unique IRN (Invoice Reference Number/hash) i.IRN Generation Date
What is the e-Invoice schema and format
accepted by IRP?
Form GST INV-01' is the structered schema in which invoices details are to be reported to IRP in JSON format
What are the various modes of generation of IRN?
"There are two modes available for tax payers to generate e-Invoice: a. API-based b. Offline utility (Downloaded from IRP)
Will IRP store or Archives e-Invoices?
No, IRP will not archive any e-Invoices
Who are all the tax payers eligible for this mandate?
As per the Notification No.1/2022 Dated: 24-02-2022, e-Invoicing is mandatory for the tax payers with an annual revenue of Rs. 20 crores
What are the documents covered under e-Invoice?
a. Invoices b. Credit Note c. Debit Note When issued by the notified tax payers
How to know if a particular person can issue e-Invoices or not?
By using GSTIN one can verify on the e-Invoice Portal( if a particular supplier is notified to issue e-Invoices or not
Will the e-Invoice details be autopopulated in GST system?
Yes, On successful reporting of e-Invoice to IRP. GST system will autopopulate data in the GSTR-1 for supplier and GSTR-2A for respective receiver
Does tax payer need to print IRN on the invoice?
No, it is optional. IRN is embedded in the QR which is mandatory to be displayed in the invoice
Does tax payer need to print QR Code on the invoice?
Yes, QR code received as a part of signed JSON must be printed on the invoice
Can an e-Invoice which is reported to IRN be cancelled?
e-Invoice can be cancelled within 24 hrs of reporting the invoice to IRP. However, if the e-Way bill is generated for this invoice then e-Way bill must be cancelled first before cancelling the e-Invoice. In case of cancellation of e-Invoice, GSTR-1 will be automatically updated with status as cancelled.
Can an e-Invoice be partially cancelled?
No, e-Invoice cannot be partially cancelled

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