How Taxilla's eInvoicing Poland
Solution Works

e Invoice Poland Workflow

Multisource I/P-eInvoice

Effortlessly integrate, load and transform

  • Flip Orders to Invoices,
  • Convert multiple orders to invoice,
  • Load data from BU level systems, branch level or centrally and process eInvoice per jurisdiction.
  • Choice of integration API/s-FTP.

Clearance & Electronic Lodging

End-to-End automation

  • Accurate e-Invoice data in FA(1) format
  • API integration with KSeF system
  • Always compliant with auto update of proposed changes
  • e-Delivery of invoices to buyers
  • Collaborative B2B Network

Accounting Ledgers & Reporting

Auto-Bridge for additional outcomes

  • Tax compliance reporting by country
  • Prepare accounting ledgers to take back to financial systems
  • Cash and other multi-way Reconciliations

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we are Partner Centric

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KSeF?
KSeF is acronym of Krajowy System e-Faktur (polish) which is called as National System of e-Invocing in english. It enables tax payers to issue and share structured invoices (faktura ustrukturyzowana)
What is the format of structured e-Invoice?
How e-Invoice data is transmitted to KSeF?
e-Invoice is transmitted through API provided by KSeF
When is invoice considered as issued?
e-invoice is considered as issued when KSeF issues KSeF reference number against the e-Invoice
What is NIP?
NIP (Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej) is a 10 digit Tax Identification number in Poland
How to correct the e-invoice issued with wrong Buyer NIP?
A correcting e-Invoice by setting all the values must be issues with the incorrect NIP number and a new original invoice must be issued with the correct NIP number
What is the archival period of e-Invoices?
KSeF will archive e-Invoices for a period of 10 years from the date of issue of e-Invoice. Post 10 years it is the responsibilty of tax payer to archive e-invoices based on the VAT obligation
In poland there is a need to register with kSeF and there will be huge impact on sales system. How are you handling this?
Taxilla is a preferred partner to System Integrators and Independent Software Vendors in other countries primarily because of our advantages that include minimized impact on Sales systems. Taxilla enInvoice automatically registers validated invoices with KSeF systems.
Can you describe how you are integrating with official e-invoice register (KSeF)?
At this time, we are testing against KSeF test environment as per prescribed rules and formats.
KSeF validates data. How are you managing errors from validation?
Taxilla platform offers integration, transformation, validation and reporting. enInvoice Apps on Taxilla most comprehensive rule based validations to ensure 100% validated document exchange with KSeF. The robust rule based validations that include,
  • Data validations
  • Computation rules
  • Derived field rules
  • Optionally Tax Determination as a add-on service could be enabled.
Taxilla offers advanced versioning by time. Upon change in any rule or reporting format the system auto-versions and makes the changed rules apply by time.
Do you present a live demo?
Yes, we do it with KSeF test environment.
Does Taxilla come with integrations for ERPs?
Yes, we do have data-connectors for all ERPs in the markets where we have eInvoice launched. In Poland we will be offering these MS Dynamics AX interfaces or connectors. We will closely with our local partners to do so. Once these connectors are developed our local partners implement them for their clients. Taxilla comes a unique inbuilt transformation engine. This will help communicate with source (ERP) friendly API payloads or data templates.
Do you have polish language version of your solution?
Yes, Taxilla supports multiple languages including polish
Can we contact you in Polish language?
Yes, we provide Polish language support through our partner network in Poland
Is KSeF module, a stand alone solution ?
No, It is a part of our eInvoice-Global solution hosted on cloud
What kind of technical infrastructure is required for KSeF module?
Taxilla is a SaaS application and no infrastructure required at client location. We just expect clients to have an IT person who can help to provide required information to integrate with Taxilla.
How could we verify and validate, incoming electronic invoices?
Taxilla can download purchase invoice from KSeF using the KSeF reference number which can sent to client system through our e-Delivery module that can support multiple integration channels

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G.S.R.468(E) :- In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2) of section 12 read with section 8 of the Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act, 2017 (15 of 2017), the Central Government on the recommendations of the Council hereby makes the following rules, namely:-

Short title and commencement.-
1. (a) These rules may be called the Goods and Services Tax (Period of Levy and Collection of Cess) Rules, 2022.
    (b) They shall come into force with effect from the 1st day of July, 2022.
Period for levy and collection of Cess.-
2. The period for levy and collection of cess under sub-section (1) of section 8 of the Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act, 2017 shall be upto the 31st March, 2026.

[F. No. S-31011/11/2022-ST-II-DOR]