Perform Business Transactions with Peace and Confidence. Effortlessly Collaborate within the company, across business partners and with government systems simultaneously.

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Comprehensive suite of applications to deliver
connected B2B2G processing in real-time.


  • Open standards based Integration
  • Custom publish inbound and outbound endpoints (Data and file formats) for reduced change impact on source systems.
  • Integrate and load data from multiple sources systems based on your industry to prepare data for eInvoices based on your industry Airlines, Insurance, Securities, Banking, Logistics, eCommerce among others.

Process Compliant Documents

  • Process with rules: Appy validation rules, tolerance rules, and computation rules
  • Make Docs Compliant: Tax code validation, Tax determination and computation
  • Document Localization: Print in prescribed formats in each jurisdiction

Exchange and Engage

  • Real-time delivery,
  • Collaborative counter-party actions on a document,
  • 3-way exchange (customers, logistic partners),
  • Manage B2B ledger and reconciliations,
  • Process mismatch / disputed transactions with real-time collaboration,
  • Electronic lodging of documents in government or enterprise systems.

1000 +

Enterprise Software (ERP) Integrations

100 +
enInvoice Applications

eInvoices exchanged

Major brands across verticals rely on us

Whether it is B2G or B2B collaboration, we helped over 1000+ customers in achieving superior outcomes using our collaboration technology.

  • Top Airliner
  • Global Logistic
  • Global Bank
  • Global Insurance
  • 100s of large Manufacturers, Traders, and Retailers.

Connected Record to Report Applications.

Accounts Receivable - Applications

Choose from standard AR applications or as for custom created Apps to process in business friendly formats.

Accounts Payable - Applications

Process with validation rules and checks against orders in a collaborative internal process to accept a 100% valid invoice into your ERP.

B2G Document Clearance

Integrated eInvoice or eWayBill or Export / Import document clearances with government systems

Integrated Reporting - (Internal/Compliance)

Bridge eInvoice data to ledger applications for reconciliation, ledger posting or compliance reporting.

Collaborative Cloud.

One secure platform for intra and inter company exchange of documents, ledgers and reports
with collaborative partner actions.

Any Use-Case

Process and exchange any document, ledger, reconciliation or report with collaborative actions.

Custom APIs

Create and publish custom transformations or payloads for inbound or outbound transformations.

Custom APIs

Create and publish custom transformations or payloads for inbound or outbound transformations.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep all stakeholders of a transaction informed for immediate action, remedy, or exception management.

B2B Exchange

Manage B2B partners for collaborative AR, AP and dispute resolution. E-Deliver docs or invite to the platform.

Org & Sub Orgs

Manage Intra-Company tenancy controls for Approvals and clearances with shared documents and ledgers.

Our Key Clients

Why enCollaborate

Eliminate corrective actions with collaborative processing ($$ Reduced T & M)

  • 30 - 40 % more efficient
  • Document corrections leads to additional documents
  • Save time and efforts with automated Reconciliation

One API call with many outcomes ($$ Savings)

  • Validate Document & item codes
  • Determine Tax / Duty and generate localized Docs
  • Interact with Govt Systems for Jurisdictional Clearance

Process data from multiple sources and levels ($$ Effortless)

  • Integrate with multiple sources for centralized or location wise upload
  • Segregate or Aggregate data for processing
  • Prepare e-Invoices, e-Ledgers, e-Reports or do e-Reconciles from multi-file input

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