The Need For A Robust Reconciler


Unreconciled Tax Credits

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Notices Seeking Explanation/
Rejection Of Claims

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Loss Of Business Revenue


Tax credits can be claimed only if available in 26AS


Higher data volume poses a challenge in timely reconciliation and response to A.O.


Can be a risk area for levy of interests and penalties


Spillover to next tax
cycle causes further discrepancies and complications

Taxilla provides the most efficient and effective 26AS reconciliation along with the ability to
connect with all your internal source system, load in native formats, and provide you with neatly
categorised transactions, so that you can investigate the mismatches

Our Key Clients

Why our clients choose us


Taxilla not only automates the reconciliation with enReconcile, but your entire record to report

pointIntegrate with your existing application for both ingress and egress of data

pointLoad the data from your ERP/Register in its native format and receive the output data in the format that your systems take as input

pointAuto clearance based on rules, with ability for manual knocking. Configurable reports, dashboard, and BPM alerts

Benefits of
26AS Reconciliation
with enReconcile


Mismatches identified in TDS
deposits from customers can
be collaboratively resolved
within the platform


Achieve process efficiency by semi-automating the critical part of 26AS reconciliation and significantly
reducing manual effort


Prepare rule based reports to
respond to Assessing Officer in
the event of notices seeking


Collaborate with configurable BPM
across roles and tenants to alert the users when the pre-configured
threshold is exceeded


Reviewers can edit and
manually force match/
unmatch the records - with
comment for audit trail