■ enReconcile for Insurance Brokers

Advanced & Automated reconciliation
solution for Insurance Broker.

Mitigate risk & Manage discrepancies with advanced & automated reconciliation technology. enReconcile helps insurance brokers to reconcile huge size of data with minimal manual intervention, improves operational & financial efficiency, reduces risk of manual errors & helps in faster decision making & resolving multi-insurer outstanding disputes.

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Challenges that may arise during data reconciliation


pointSourcing the policy through multiple channels introduce complexities in reconciliation with data in non-standardised format

pointComplex reconciliation requirements at multiple levels including brokerage reconciliation & dealer payout reconciliation.

pointIntegration - Reconciliation solution needs to be integrated with multiple source systems internal as well as external

point Large volume of transactions including Brokerage, re-insurance income & dealer payments etc. Reconciling these transacations manually can be time consuming & error prone

pointTimely & accurate reconciliation is required to avoid potential financial losses

pointIncreased regulatory oversight requires an accurate and compliant reporting process

enReconcile for Insurance Brokers

Taxilla's enReconcile is built to transform, automate and reconcile
end-to-end data operations for the insurance industry

Seamless integration

Integrate with your source systems to eliminate the manual task of exporting the data and then uploading in Taxilla portal and vice versa .

Collaborative Tenancy

Work with shared Ledgers and documents for reconciliation and collaborative dispute resolution across branches, departments, BUs and such other Sub-Orgs

BPM Alerts

Collaborate with configurable BPM across roles and tenants for transactional and batch data processing

Inbuilt Transformation & Validations

No more transformation of data before loading in the Taxilla platform. Loads the source data in its original format

Configurable Matching Criteria

Flexibility to add any number of mathcing criterions for exact or probable match

Org & Sub Orgs

Tenancy controls for ledger sharing and reconciliation across branches, departments, BUs and such other Sub-Orgs

Common use cases of data reconciliation in Insurance

Delivering diverse Reconciliation applications for Insurance Industry using on-demand cloud

  • Balance sheet movements
  • Direct debit rejections
  • Re-Insurance brokerage reconciliation
  • Inter-system reconciliations
  • GL reconciliation
  • Dealer payout reconciliation
  • Dealer payout reconciliation
  • Bank accounts reconciliation
  • Underwriting payments
  • Inter-company reconciliations
  • Custody reconciliations
  • Duplicate claims

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1 among the global Big-4 Consulting firms


2 among the globally top-5 tlogistic firms


A Globally Large Bank


100s of Enterprises

Our Reconciliation method

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