Reconciliation Solution for
Insurance Brokers

The insurance sector, under growing regulatory scrutiny, must prioritize precise and compliant financial reporting. Yet, the intricate nature and vast data volumes associated with claims, policies, and premiums pose significant challenges in streamlining insurance reconciliation.

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Common Use Cases of Data Reconciliation in Insurance

Ensure your financial statements are error-free and aligned with real-time data, reducing the risk of financial discrepancies.

Streamline the complex process of re-insurance reconciliation, enhancing accuracy and compliance.

Integrate data from disparate systems seamlessly, providing a holistic view of your operations.

Maintain precision in your general ledger, preventing financial misstatements and compliance issues.

Effortlessly reconcile dealer payouts, ensuring fair compensation and trust among partners.

Optimize the underwriting process by reconciling payments accurately, reducing risk exposure.

Enhance transparency and accountability when dealing with multiple entities within your organization.

Ensure the safety and accuracy of custodial assets, mitigating operational risks.

Identify and resolve duplicate claims promptly, preventing overpayment and minimizing fraud.

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Benefits of using Taxilla's Reconciliation Solution for Insurance Brokers

Seamless integration

Integrate with your source systems to eliminate the manual task of exporting the data and then uploading in Taxilla portal and vice versa .

Collaborative Tenancy

Work with shared Ledgers and documents for reconciliation and collaborative dispute resolution across branches, departments, BUs and such other Sub-Orgs

BPM Alerts

Collaborate with configurable BPM across roles and tenants for transactional and batch data processing

Inbuilt Transformation & Validations

No more transformation of data before loading in the Taxilla platform. Loads the source data in its original format

Configurable Matching Criteria

Flexibility to add any number of mathcing criterions for exact or probable match

Org & Sub Orgs

Tenancy controls for ledger sharing and reconciliation across branches, departments, BUs and such other Sub-Orgs

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