Transform Regulatory-Reporting
from Shared Services to
Automated Utilities

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Sourcing smart, Reporting Right
Taxilla's Solution Stack for Automated Regulatory Reporting

Sourcing and Prequalification
Data Sourcing Controls
Validation rules(Technical and Business)
Exception Tracking
Incremental Data load
Data load profiles
Big Data platform
ETL (Load and Transform)
Load data in
Source Formats
2-Way API
Multi-Integration options
Expressions and
Data Standardization
Prepare and Manage Data
Aggregations and
Reconciliations and Closures
GL Reconciliation
Advanced Matching
Variance Commentary
Closure Process
Meta Data Management
Model Governance
Rules and Advanced Calculations
Unified Processes
Lineage and Traceability
Pro-Forma (Review and Approve)
Reporting and Electronic Lodging
Regulator defined
Report Formats
Trend and Variance
Alerts and Notifications
Approval Workflows
Reporting by Time
Automated Report Submission

Enchanced Security Controls and
Advanced Analytics

Security / Audit / Control
Retention and Archiving
Incremental Data load
Data Masking, Controls
RCSA, SOX, Operations
Quality Assurance and Control
Policy and Procedures
Investigation and Analytics
Operational Dashboard
Capital Management reports
Ad Hoc reports
Market and Risk Analytics
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What Sets Taxilla Apart

Designed for big, fast and diverse data operations

Supports disparate meta data, formats, integrations, workflow and outcomes.

Collaborative Cloud

Share BPM access to Clients, Client Units, Internal Org Users across locations/B-Units with roles and permissions.

Micro Services

Data Processing Applications (Transformation, Validate, Reporting) as a Service

Comprehensive Technology Stack

Handle data operations any type and scale using one single, unified platform

Dynamic (Extendable) UI

Dynamic metadata driven UI to capture delta data or correct erroneous data. Extend UI.

Unique Data Extraction

Purpose built integration utility maps to easily extract data from source systems

Currently Serving

A Global Big-4

They in turn serve 100s of enterprises

Banks & Insurance

Globally large banks & India's Major Finance & Insurance Companies

Core Banking & SI Partnerships

SAP, Oracle & other Core Banking Partnerships. 10s of SI Partners

Why Taxilla?

Going beyond ETL - its ELT

  • Load raw files and transform thus reducing the work before loading data
  • In-built comprehensive transformation engine
  • No maintenance overhead
  • Auto versioned transformations to reduce impact of change in source files

Offers greater efficiency in Data Qualification process

  • Simple definition of transformation
  • Qualification is closer to transformation - not something running elsewhere
  • Highly concurrent reactive qualification engine

Available, scalable, partition
tolerant and high performance

  • No single point of failure
  • High scalability because of uniform data partitioning
  • Bloom filter backed key caching which locates the data in 2 to 3 operations for any data size

AI for creation of utilities, processing commentary and analysis narratives

  • Co-Pilot creation of utilities
  • Generative AI for variance commentary and reporting notes
  • Advanced analysis and reporting narration

Pluggable services to enhance
Productivity and Controls

Financial institutions can leverage technologies, such as RPA, AI / ML, and DLT, to develop end-to- end reporting platforms that help reduce report production time while enhancing governance and controls.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers a fast, cost-effective way to streamline repetitive tasks and enhance operational flexibility for organizations.

  • Emulates human execution of repetitive processes via existing user interfaces
  • Robots are a virtual workforce controlled by the business
  • Sits alongside existing infrastructure, and governed and controlled by IT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Aenables machines to understand, act, and learn, enhancing human tasks. Machine learning focuses on learning from data to predict outcomes.

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Visualization and Decision Science

Enterprise Shared Ledger Technology (ESLT) features a collaborative architecture and algorithms for joint actions, enhancing consistency, auditability, and traceability.

  • Cut out intermediaries from business processes
  • Provides immutability of data with a consensus driven proof-of-work
  • Simplifies meshed communication
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