Sparking the Next Generation digital transformation with enInvoice offerings for compliant multi-country eInvoice Lodging or clearance

What sets us apart!


Secure Cloud and

SOC-2 Type-2 and ISO 27001 compliant operations. Platform is certified by reputed 3rd Party certified for VAPT and SAST.


Robust & Proven

The platform is proven for high performance and scales to deliver consistent performance across millions of invoices / transactions.


(Extendable) UI

Process documents in country specific format with dynamic metadata driven UI. Seamlessly absorb change or new requirements.


Tax Content and Domain Expertise

Excellent and proven content team well versed with global tax determination and reporting rules. 20+ years of experience service billing solutions.


Printable & Electronic

Generate printable invoices in federated or custom formats. Add Digital sign and email utility. eDeliver and Collborate with B2B Partners.

regulatory icon

Designed for big, fast and
diverse Ops

Supports desperate meta-data for input, output and processing. Includes conversion from ledgers to invoices to reports in any order.



enInvoice by Taxilla offers end-to-end
automation for multi-source input -to- multi-
country compliant eInvoice.

Automated Data Preperation

  • Single or Multi-Source data input
  • Aggregate data from each Dept/BU
  • Segregate data by Location/jurisdiction
  • Convert/Flip Order data to invoices

eInvoice by Country/State

  • Tax Determination by jurisdiction.
  • Electronic lodging/clearance by jurisdiction
  • Process in central formats and report in country specific formats.

Advanced / Country Specific

  • QR Code, Hash Generation, Hash Sequencing, Cryptographic stamp
  • Sequence Invoice number generation- Fully localized country wise standards-
  • Industry (GS1, ANSI, UBL) and (Open PEPPOL) etc

It all starts with minimal impact on source systems!


Multisource I/P - eInvoice

Effortlessly integrate, load and transform;

  • 1. Flip Orders to Invoices,
  • 2. Convert multiple orders to invoice,
  • 3. Load data from BU level systems, branch level or centrally and process eInvoice per jurisdiction.
  • 4. Choice of integration API/s-FTP.

Clearance & Electronic Lodging

End-to-End automation,

  • 1. Accurate country-wise documents,
  • 2. Rest-API Integrations with respective government systems
  • 3. Automatically Keep-up with changes.
  • 4. Exchange (EDI / Peppol) and.
  • 5. Collaborative B2B Network

Accounting Ledgers & Reporting

Auto-Bridge for additional outcomes,

  • 1. Tax compliance reporting by country,
  • 2. Prepare accounting ledgers to take back to financial systems
  • 3. Cash and other multi-way Reconciliations.

Global eInvoice Solution Key Features

Standard Features


  • Customized I/P file formats
  • Configurable Master Data
  • QR Code
  • Fully compliant with Technical
    (ANSI etc) Industry (GS1, UBL) and Regional/Country Stds, (Open PEPPOL)   etc.


  • Choice of Integration Options
    (EDI, REST-API, s-FTP )
  • Integration with standard ERPs


  • Invoice Sequencing
  • Invoice Hash Generation
  • encryption of Data at Rest and
    in Motion
  • Data Privacy
  • Local country/region hosting
  • Archiving

Collaboration and Analytics

  • Custom workflows for review and approval
  • Community management with B2B Networks
  • Dashboard with Analytics

Advanced Features


  • PO Flip
  • Tax Determination and Tax Reporting
  • N-way reconciliations
  • PDF/A-3 Formats


  • Multi-channel Integrations with customers and Govt agencies
  • E-Delivery of Invoice to counterparty
  • Integration with Market Places/Networks and Certified Access Points (CAP)


  • Invoice Sequencing
  • Hash Chain
  • Cryptographic Stamp

Collaboration and Analytics

  • Partner Management
  • B2B Networks
  • Collaborative Actions
  • Customizable Widgets

High Availability
Integration Architecture

to support diverse integration options and formats

App Integration Icon

1. Application Integration

Built in connectors to connect to your backend systems, databases or any ERP

Web Service Icon

2. Web Services

Connect to our secured APIs for a high level of integration

Queue Process Icon

3. Queue Processing

Reliable and high velocity message processing for large volumes

Communication Protocol

4. Communication Protocols

Rich adapters to support any transport protocols such as HTTPS, SFTP, SMTP and more

File Transfer

5. File Transfer

Configure your cloud storage or any source to transfer files securely

Email Integration

6. Email Integrations

Configure email and process directly in your application workflow

Why Our Solution is Best?

1. Digital Transformation with Collaborative Tenancy

  • Create Org and Sub-Orgs (Country /State / Branch) as Tenants.
  • Manage roles and users at tenant level
  • Subscribe Apps by Tenant
  • Load data at Org level or Country level
  • Process at centrally or at location level
  • Share BPM steps for roles across tenants
  • Intra-Company Distributed Ledgers and Docs with collaborative actions

2. Transforming Data Preparation: Transform and Process for Precision Outcomes

  • Transactional & batch Data Processing
  • with advanced transformation engine
  • Reduced source side IT work.
  • Alerts & Events driven Workflow
  • Automated Process Decisioning and tolerance rules for error processing
  • Printable PDFs or machine-readable data
  • files in any format / file type.
  • Seamless APIs with custom payloads

3. Regulatory Processing as Record-Reconcile-Report APPS on theplatform for

  • Build Powerful Data Processing Apps for transaction (invoicing), ledger and report processing with reconciliations.
  • Unique reporting attribute-based App versioning. Apply rules and metadata by time. Continuously agile for changes.
  • Custom Data Prep Apps
  • Automated Apps sequencing for Record to Reconcile to Reporting

Referenceable Customers

Currently Serving

Globally Large Firms

They in-turn offer/process for 1000s

Banks & Insurance

Globally large banks & India's Major Finance & Insurance Companies


Top Logistic Service Providers

Major Manufacturers

Globally Large to large to SME Manufacturers

Major PSUs

India's premier and respected PSU's


Top retailers with millions of invoices


1000s of Manufacturers & Traders

Integration with Open PEPPOL

Integration Peppol

Taxilla Platform - stack view

Taxilla app engine


Taxilla Platform - Data Flow

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