Robust and Reliable Solution for your GSTR needs

Intelligent Data Transformations

  • Upload the input data in any source format such as SAP, Oracle etc
  • Transform the data into the required GSTR1 format with advanced data transformations
  • Upload your all India data and get data by GSTIN wise

100+ Data

  • Every outward transaction is validated against 100+ data validation rules
  • Get error report for failed transactions
  • Correct the error transactions in UI itself
  • Reduce the number of data correction cycles

Efficient and Accurate Return Filing

  • Complete more number of Returns in less time
  • Reduce manual errors & manual intervention with automated Return filing process
  • CFO dashboard with all the ledgers
Process Flow

Why are we better?

Technical Advantages

Custom Upload Templates

Any data format, any number of files, one or many source systems and load masters, all transformations are on us.Option for automatic split of Pan India I/P data GSTIN-wise

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Download Error Report and Make Corrections

You have the option to download the error report, make the required data corrections and upload the error-free report in the request level itself.

Option to Validate GSTIN

You can validate the GSTIN and the tax payer type in real time and rectify the error before posting to the GST portal.

Services and Outcomes

Custom I/P Data templates

The point of tax and compliance technology is to reduce errors. Our data transformation maps reduce errors and minimize your IT work.

Automated Integrations

You can seamlessly integrate with any number of source software. REST API with GSTIN or REST API with enterprise software or via sFTP.

Managed Processing

The processing will be managed by experts. The time and quality SLAs can ensure that data processing and reporting are done with precision.

EWB as outward

If EWB's are raised for every transaction, the same can be converted into outward and file GSTR-1 without the extraction of source data.

EWB v/s Outward Recon

Option for reconciliation with source data and EWB's raised and file the GSTR-1.

EWB v/s GSTR-1 Recon

Option for reconciliation with EWB's raised from the NIC portal with invoices already filed with the GSTIN portal via GSTR-1.

Why Choose Us?

(Technical Advantages)

Minimize Impact
on source systems
  • Multiple sources to merge data with zero manual effort
  • Intelligent data transformations and custom mapping to reduce statutory changes impact
  • ERPs to auto-correct and prepare data as per GSTN standards
Best-in-class Features
  • Process over 60 lakh outward invoice in 3-4 hours
  • Supports multiple Integration methods - SFTP, REST Services & Manual upload Make checker approval with complete an audit trail
  • Supports multiple file formats (Excel, CSV, XML, etc.)

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Multiple outward templates


Automatic HSN summary computation


Integrate/Reconcile with EWB functionality


Automatic document summary computation



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