Robust and Reliable Solution for your GSTR needs

Sales data processing

  • Option to process 9 with Sales data from GSTR-1 from GSTN via GET API
  • Sales Ledgers from enterprise source
  • Automated processing of Nil-Rated, Exempted, Non-GST Summary and rate-wise HSN summary

Purchase data processing

  • Consolidated data intake for Purchases goods/services and capital goods
  • Match with GSTR-2A to determine availed ITC
  • Auto-Compute ITC reversals under rule 37, 39, 42, 43

End-to-End Automation

  • Reduce notice/audit possibility with powerful reconciliation/traceability features
  • Auto-Computation of Sections 10 and 11 taking into account GSTR-3B payment
GSTR9 Process Flow
Why are we better?

(Technical Advantages)

Simplified Data Upload and Comprehensive Data preparation

  • Easy to use upload templates of sales and purchase data from source systems
  • Multiple options provided for Inward and Outward data preparation
  • Simple and easy to use Excel templates for providing additional information

Accurate and Reliable Data Verification and Validation

  • Powerful reconciliation reports for verification of prepared data
  • Traceability reports to verify invoices under respective GSTR9 sections
  • Comprehensive workflow with maker-checker review and approval functionality

High Performance Computing with Search

  • Multi month download of GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B for quick processing
  • Process lakhs of GSTR1/ Outward invoices for GSTR9 report preparation
  • Automated search of Regular invoices in-case of amendment and credit/ debit notes

Our Key Clients

Functional Differentiators
Differentiator enComply Solution Other ASPs
Auto-generation of Section 10 and 11 Completely automated process for comparing Original invoices with CN/DN and Amendments raised in FY 18-19 and populating Section 10 and 11 accordingly Not available/Incomplete
Multiple Input Options for Sales Processing Process Sales data from Source or from filed GSTR1 return. Available from GSTR-1 only
Source friendly data extracts Source friendly data extracts that can address different industries and supply types ASP specific templates to be uploaded
Data validation 250+ business validations for validation and correction of Outward and Inward Not available
Automatic reversal computation of ITC Automated computation of ITC u/s 42,43,37,39 Not available
Reconciliation reports

Multiple reconciliations

  • Supplier ITC vs ITC claimed
  • Sales as per Books vs Sales reported
  • Sales Reported vs Liability Discharged
  • Generated GSTR-9 vs auto-populated GSTR-9
Limited reconciliations
Amendment handling for Sales to unregistered persons Automated overriding of regular invoices with amendments and reporting at summary level Only regular invoices are summarized.
Traceability Reports Automated tagging of invoices against the GSTR-9 reporting sections for easy review and verification Not available
Automated computation of credit availed ITC on inward supplies received during 2017-18 , but availed in18-19 Not available
Draft preparation of 9C

Draft 9C preparation from

  • Auto-generated GSTR-9
  • Reconciliation of source and GSTR-1
  • Classification of ITC availed on expenses
  • Adjustments in turnover due to foreign exchange fluctuations
  • Adjustments of supply from SEZ to DTA
Only from auto generated GSTR-9

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25 years of Indirect
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Authorized GSP CMMI-L3
& ISO-27001

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