enComply offers automated multi-source input Exim end to end documentation

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  • Pre Shipment
    • Single or Multi-Source integrations
    • At this stage, just with single click, it will generate Proforma invoice along with other related reports in HTML format
    • Easy and Fast generation of export related documents
  • Post Shipment
    • Generate a single HTML report consisting of all details in a categorized manner
    • Generating Electronic Data Interchange schema based on ICEGATE
  • Schemes
    • Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme
    • Duty Exemption & Remission Scheme
    • Export Promotion Schemes
    • EOU/EHTP/STP & BTP Schemes
    • Other Schemes

It all starts with minimal impact on
source systems

EXIM Software Solutions

Multisource I/P - eInvoice

Effortlessly upload data from one or many source software systems by Org/Dept/BU in any template format Transformations are on us!

Export Documentation

To ensure the timely movement of your goods complete documentation required as per ICEGATE will help you clear your goods through customs in a timely manner and without unexpected fees.

EDI Schema

To allow electronic interchange of business information using a standardized protocols and formats . It provides cost savings by reducing paper and elimination of paper processing. Message format will be in CACHE 01.

Included Services &


Custom I/P Data templates

Tax and Compliance technology is all about minimizing change impact. Minimize your IT work with our data transformation maps.


Automated Integrations

Secure FTP, AWS S3, REST API or Electronic Upload. Seamlessly integrate with any option for any number of source software.


Standard ERP Convertors

Completely automate with Standard ERP connectors for your SAP, Oracle, MS NAV/AX, Infor, QAD, Tally, Marg and more.


EDI Transactions

Submission of documents like Shipping bills , BOL & countries specific documents in specified schema as per ICEGATE requirements


Printable & e deliver reports

Generate printable pre &post shipment standard formats or custom formats. eDeliver the required reports as configured in masters



Pre export schemes, post export schemes and other promotional measure schemes or incentive schemes

Why are we better?

End to End Documentation

  • Reporting requirements are as per the requirements of ICEGATE
  • Custom reports, Country specific documentation
  • Reports in the form of PDF/HTML and EDI schema as per ICEGATE


  • Standard input templates Custom input templates Merge data from multiple sources with zero manual effort
  • Comprehensive workflow with maker-checker approval with complete audit trail
  • Supports multiple file formats Excel, CSV, XML &integration methods - SFTP, REST Services & Manual Upload

Configurable processing as per business requirements

  • Provide missing information in ERP extracts via Masters or Delta capture functionality
  • Reduce the manual effort for creating documents specific to schemes /counties
  • Less impact on source systems if any change in statutory requirement like change in reporting formats/schema

Detailed Process Flow (enInvoice IRN- EXIM)

enInvoie EXIM Solution


  • Step1: Booking request placed by customer
  • Step2 : Plan / Generate Booking Order (mode, routing, forwarder)
  • Step3: Communicate to Forwarder/Customs Agent
  • Step 4: Create Ocean Booking
  • Step 5: Create Pre shipment and download the required reports


  • Step 1: Get Shipping Bill Number
  • Step 2: Input the required details of post shipment
  • Step3: Generate post shipment reports along with EDI Schema
  • Less impact on source systems if any change in statutory requirement like change in reporting formats/schema


  • Step1: Consolidate the required data for scheme related reporting
  • Step2: Input any missing information if any
  • Step3: Generate Scheme related reports


  • Reduced Paper work
  • Improved accuracy & reduced discrepancies
  • Time saving with automation
  • Seamless integration to customs
  • Two way integration with source systems

Ensure Compliance with


25 years of Indirect
Tax Experience


Authorized GSP CMMI-L3
& ISO-27001

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