Securely exchange documents with enterprise customers (B2B) in addition to addressing B2G requirements

  • eInvoice IRN
  • eInvoice EWB
  • enInvoice - B2B

1-API for Multiple-Outcomes

  • 2-Way Integrated enterprise systems API, S-FTP or shared folders
  • Ensure accuracy with validation rules and advanced checks
  • B2G for IRN+EWB and B2B for e-delivery

Collaborative eInvoice Processing

  • Automated back office processes to generate and process e-Waybills and e-Invoices
  • Dept or Branch users to access respective documents or ledgers for allowed actions
  • Auto-Sync of shared ledgers or docs between internal depts or counterparties.

Convert inbound eWayBills to GRNs

  • Airline ticket or cargo bookings to eInvoice
  • Insurance policies numbers to eInvoice
  • Banking transactions to eInvoice by BU and Location with aggregation/segregation
  • Logistic orders to eInvoice for multi-source I/P
  • Subscription data to eInvoice and more..

The new challenges

GST and eInvoice in India requires ledgers across customers, GSTN and our enterprise to be
consistent. If 2-way was a challenge, then 3-way is ?

Current State

Exchange JSONs for B2G compliant eWayBills

Generate JSONs to deposit B2G e-Invoices

Generate invoices for B2B (printable, PDF or EDI docs)


Desired Capability

Efficient internal matching and approval processes

1-API call for B2B and B2G exchange of documents

Reconcile Sales Ledger with Bank STMT, eInvoice and ASN/eWayBill

Integrated Invoice to Cash systems

Collaborative eInvoice Supplier Networks

AR Invoicing

Generate, digitally sign and e-deliver invoices to realize high potential savings.



Advanced Search, Filters & Faceting


Catalogues, Pricing, Grouping, Orders & Invoices


Fine grained Roles, Permissions and Controls

Workflow and Colloboration

Raise, Publish, Accept, Acknowledge & Reconcile


Print + envelope + courier vs. electronic delivery - Save at least INR 100

Reduce cost of collections by 20 to 40 %

Improved Customer satisfaction with in-time reconcilability.

1/3rd cost towards archiving and traceability