•   Exchange invoice documents using secure web-links
  •   Perform accept/reject actions before taking the documents to source of truth systems (ERPs)
  •   Eliminate / minimize mismatches

Receive e-Invoices electronically

  • Receive via email or API or file share
  • Validate against rules, option to enable validations such as supplier,HSN, tax rates
  • Check with Supplier deposited IRN/EWB Docs
  • Option to enable match with POs

Collaborative eInvoice Processing

  • Internal Dept. / Branch Collaboration, Setup shared documents and ledgers across multiple sub-orgs (eliminate need for multiple workflows)
  • Dept or Branch users to access only respective documents or ledgers for allowed actions
  • Auto synchronization across shared documents or ledgers between internal Depts or counterparties

Convert inbound eWayBills to GRNs

  • Integrated with NIC/GSTN to download inbound eWayBills submitted by suppliers
  • Convert accepted eWayBills submitted by suppliers into GRNs upon Good Receipt
  • Option to collaboratively receive and accept proforma eWayBills for delivery scheduling
  • Integrated enterprise systems for GRN data

The new challenges

Input tax credit amounts for considerable cashflow. Ability to process
data in seamlessly across front, back and middle offices is critical.

Current State

Key-In purchase documents

Validate against Purchase Orders

Validate against GRNs or process internal approvals


Desired Capability

Consistent docs across Suppliers, GSTN and ERPs

Efficient internal matching and approval processes

Multiple Reconciliations. 2B, Bank STMT, eWayBill/GRN

Integrated and automated rule-based payment processing

Collaborative eInvoice Supplier Networks

AP Invoice Processing

From supplier compliance health monitoring to in-time ITC availing



Advanced Search, Filters & Faceting

Validate,Review & Accept

Orders & Invoices & Business Docs

Dispute Management

Fine grained Roles, Permissions and Controls

Workflow and Colloboration

Publish, Route, Accept, Acknowledge & Reconcile


Invoice mail room and Codification. 100% Savings.

Invoice Validation and matching. 3x savings

In-Time ITC improves cash flow and saves up to 1% of Input credit

Dispute Resolution and Payment management. 2x savings.