• Supplier onboarding
  • Contracts and Orders exchange
  • eWayBills to GRN processing
  • E-Invoice exchange and process
  • Automated reconcile to pay


  • Supplier onboarding
  • Contracts and Orders exchange
  • eWayBills to GRN processing
  • E-Invoice exchange and process
  • Automated reconcile to pay

Account Payable - The new challenges

Input tax credit amounts for considerable cashflow. Ability to process
data in seamlessly across front, back and middle offices is critical.

Current State

Key-In purchase documents

Validate against Purchase Orders

Validate against GRNs or process internal approvals


Desired Capability

Consistent docs across Suppliers, GSTN and ERPs

Efficient internal matching and approval processes

Multiple Reconciliations. 2B, Bank STMT, eWayBill/GRN

Integrated and automated rule-based payment processing

Account Receivable - The new challenges

GST and eInvoice in India requires ledgers across customers, GSTN and our enterprise to be
consistent. If 2-way was a challenge, then 3-way is ?

Current State

Exchange JSONs for B2G compliant eWayBills

Generate JSONs to deposit B2G e-Invoices

Generate invoices for B2B (printable, PDF or EDI docs)


Desired Capability

Efficient internal matching and approval processes

1-API call for B2B and B2G exchange of documents

Reconcile Sales Ledger with Bank STMT, eInvoice and ASN/eWayBill

Integrated Invoice to Cash systems

Why Taxilla's enColloborate solution

Resolving Operational And Financial Risks

( For AR/AP Processes )

1. AR/AP processes, documents and validations on a single platform

Multiple processes, seamlessly integrated in a single application. A smart layer on top of your ERP.

Every document, ledger that you need for AP clearance in one place.

Validations - HSN, Tax Rate and Tax computation, supplier compliance etc.

2. Seamless Integration with your existing ERPs

Auto-sync with ERPs

2-Way Integrations

Minimal impact to source systems

3. Process and Track Invoices and Payments with Ease

Receive invoices from ERP using pre-configured connectors.

Process Invoices based on payment criteria and payment terms

Payment visibility and accessto remittance information

4. Auto-Reconcile documents and ledgers on the fly

Auto-reconcile your documents. Multiple times a month.

Supplier portal for Upload and status of invoice for payment or mismatch communication

Resolving Compliance Risks

( For AR/AP Processes )

1. Automated compliance checks/validations at every step.

Validate HSN, Tax Rate and Tax computation. Reduce manual review.

Validate with GSTR-2A/2B for invoice match.

Validate Supplier GSTR1 and 3B compliance status before clearing payment

2. Customer/Vendor collaboration - online or offline

Supplier portal for Upload and status of invoice for payment or mismatch communication

Collaborate with customers or vendors for dispute/discrepancy managements

Collaborate with customers/vendors on docs/ledgers - online of offline.

3. Unified gateway to manage govt compliances/reporting - GST/IRN/EWB/EXIM

Fetch GSTR2a/2B, IRP/EWB from govt portals

eKYC and Third Party API Integration

File tax invoices and returns

4. Manage vendor compliance risk

Track Supplier compliance health by return status tracker

Resolving Strategic and Competitive Risks

( For AR/AP Processes )

1. Gain insights and control of AR / AP processes

Delivers Client DPO improvement & uplift adoption for early pay program

Ensures paying suppliers to term and enhancing Free Cash Flow.

Drives consistent supplier payment experience.

2. Customer/Supplier performance scoring

Supplier performance metrics to help focus on improving OTIF and quality of relationships

Optimize Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and A/R Management with Early Payment or Financing Options

Helps in vendors utilizing Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Finance

3. Setup captive supplier networks to increase collaboration

Increase A/P management efficiency with visibility through vendor business network

Visibility to Approved Invoice and Payment Status

4. Reduce your costs by avoiding capital spend and operational expenses

No capital investments or huge upfront costs

Reduce the costs of PR2Pay processes by plugging duplicate/over/incorrect payments

Advanced Collaborative Technology

An easy-to-use interface to efficiently connect and collaborate with multiple business partners. Securely exchange Documents, Ledgers, Reports and receive feedback from your counter party.

Collaborative Networks + Self Service Portals

Easily setup document, ledger or
process centric (AR/AP etc.)
Collaborative networks/portals

Document Sharing Online or Offline

Quick sharing of documents. Setup
controls to view or edit options with
Accept or Reject actions

Collaborative Tenancy

Information is automatically synchronized across all the instances across tenants

Partner functions and Collaborative Actions

Configure apps & synchronize actions performed by your partners

Ledger Exchange

System exchanges ledger as a partner copy with fault tolerance

Quick and Easy Onboarding

Onboard your supplier or customers in minutes.


Configurable processes and automated workflows (Inter/Intra Company)

Email Delivery/Notifications

Configure Email and get notified instantly on counter party actions

Audit Trail

Registers every action, event or activity and view them on a timeline

Encryption And Security

Enhanced security and role based access control

Competitive landscape - Unmatched Features

Features Taxilla Other GST
ERP / Network
Software Providers
BPM And Other
B2B2G+ERP Integrations
Collaboration+Network Features
Advanced Reconciliations
Configurable Processes/ Workflows
Near Real Time Dashboards


  • Exchange invoice
    documents using secure
  • Perform accept/reject
    actions before taking the
    documents to source of
    truth systems (ERPs)
  • Eliminate / minimize

Receive e-Invoices electronically

  • Receive via email or API or file share
  • Validate against rules, option to enable validations such as supplier,
  • HSN, tax rates
  • Check with Supplier deposited IRN/EWB Docs
  • Option to enable match with POs

Collaborative eInvoice Processing

  • Internal Dept. / Branch Collaboration, Setup shared documents and ledgers across multiple sub-orgs (eliminate need for multiple workflows) Dept or Branch users to access only respective documents or ledgers for allowed actions
  • Auto synchronization across shared documents or ledgers between internal Depts or counterparties

Convert inbound eWayBills to GRNs

  • Integrated with NIC/GSTN to download inbound eWayBills submitted by suppliers
  • Convert accepted eWayBills submitted by suppliers into GRNs upon Good Receipt
  • Option to collaboratively receive and accept proforma eWayBills for delivery scheduling
  • Integrated enterprise systems for GRN data

Collaborative eInvoice Supplier Networks

$$$ Benefits + Savings on AP Invoice Processing

From supplier compliance health monitoring to in-time ITC availing



Advanced Search, Filters & Faceting

Validate,Review & Accept

Orders & Invoices & Business Docs

Dispute Management

Fine grained Roles, Permissions and Controls

Workflow and Colloboration

Publish, Route, Accept, Acknowledge & Reconcile


Invoice mail room and Codification. 100% Savings.

Invoice Validation and matching. 3x savings

In-Time ITC improves cash flow and saves up to 1% of Input credit

Dispute Resolution and Payment management. 2x savings.


    Securely exchange documents with enterprise customers (B2B) in addition to addressing B2G requirements

  • eInvoice IRN
  • eInvoice EWB
  • enInvoice - B2B

1-API for Multiple-Outcomes

  • 2-Way Integrated enterprise systems API, S-FTP or shared folders
  • Ensure accuracy with validation rules and advanced checks
  • B2G for IRN+EWB and B2B for e-delivery

Collaborative eInvoice Processing

  • Automated back office processes to generate and process e-Waybills and e-Invoices
  • Dept or Branch users to access respective documents or ledgers for allowed actions
  • Auto-Sync of shared ledgers or docs between internal depts or counterparties.

Convert inbound eWayBills to GRNs

  • Airline ticket or cargo bookings to eInvoice
  • Insurance policies numbers to eInvoice
  • Banking transactions to eInvoice by BU and Location with aggregation/segregation
  • Logistic orders to eInvoice for multi-source I/P
  • Subscription data to eInvoice and more..

$$$ Benefits + Savings on AR Invoicing

Generate, digitally sign and e-deliver invoices to realize high potential savings.



Advanced Search, Filters & Faceting


Catalogues, Pricing, Grouping, Orders & Invoices


Fine grained Roles, Permissions and Controls

Workflow and Colloboration

Raise, Publish, Accept, Acknowledge & Reconcile‚Äč


Print + envelope + courier vs. electronic delivery - Save at least INR 100

Reduce cost of collections by 20 to 40 %

Improved Customer satisfaction with in-time reconcilability.

1/3rd cost towards archiving and traceability

Collaborative eInvoice - Get it going effortlessly

Setup your enInvoice exchange for intra and inter company processes

Integrate and connect with 3x ease, enable custom transformations for source friendly exchange of data, always ensure qualified reference/master data, setup shared ledgers across units and partners.


  • Effortlessly integrate with source friendly connectors for,
  • Invoice data,
  • B2B Partner data,
  • HSN and Item data.
  • Rest API or s-FTP with custom data formats

Reference Data

  • Validated for accurate reference data with OneMD,
  • GSTIN Validated Supplier,
  • HSN Validated,
  • Tax rate
  • 2-Way synchronization with Source Systems


  • Tenancy with respective ledger access by
  • Department or Business Unit,
  • Location or State,
  • Organization
  • Open Network access to B2B Partners.

Related offerings for end-2-end automation

Back-Office Gains

Increase Efficiency

Seamlessly connected enterprise systems, GSTN and B2B partners offering real-time clearance of documents.

Middle-Office Gains

Increased reconciliation matches

Improved 2B reconciliation outcomes towards availing input tax credit (ITC) in-time across locations or GSTINs.

Increased consistency B2B and B2G

Each correction of document again requires to be consistent across GSTN and B2B parties. Even 10% lesser error means 30% effort saved.

Improved partner relationship

Minimized mismatches across business partners and increased business efficiency for on-time collections and payments.

Automated workflows

Alert and notification based workflow alerting. Process against advanced rules. Process decisioning rules for meaningful user attention.

Accurate tax and financial ledgers

Increase sales, purchase and financial ledger accuracy and consistency. Improved matching across ERP, GSTN & B2B

Related offerings for end-2-end automation

1. Invoice to Cash

Integrated systems for PO Ack, Sales Orders, Sales Ledgers, Bank STMTs, eWayBills and e-Invoices).

Perform seamless reconciliations between Sales and BS, Sales and ASN/EWBs and Sales and IRNs.

Integrated collection Apps. Send automated reminders based on PO terms and payment history.

2. Purchase to Pay

PO Ack, Pre-Validated and standardized ledgers for Purchases, Bank STMTs, GRNs and inbound e-Invoices).

Automated multiple reconciliations for accurate purchase ledger.

Integrated rule based payment clearance Apps. Generate pay instructions file for Banks.

3. Captive B2B Partner ecosystem

Integrated Dealer management systems. Partner users generate customer e-Invoices.

Suppliers as tenants to collaboratively sign-off on orders, e-Invoices and eWayBills.

Enable micro and small businesses to perform error-free interactions.

Key Benefits

eInvoice networks are increasingly becoming the norm globally for all the intrinsic advantages. Input tax credit benefit in India is a bigger advantage.

  • Digital Invoice Capture
  • Automated Invoice Validation
  • Automated Matching
  • Vendor Self Service
  • Maximize Input Tax Credit
  • In-Time Realization
  • Enhanced Cash Management
  • Enhanced Account Reconciliation
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Enhanced Spend Management
  • Access to Early Payment Discounts
  • Dispute Management and Settlements