Perform Business Transactions with Peace and Confidence.

Effortlessly collaborate within the company, across business partners and with government systems simultaneously.

1000 +

Enterprise Software (ERP) Integrations

Over 150

eInvoices exchanged

Major brands across verticals rely on us

Whether it is B2G or B2B collaboration, we helped over 1000+ customers in achieving superior outcomes using our collaboration technology.

our customers include:

  • Top Airlines
  • Global Logistics Providers
  • MNC Banks
  • Global Insurance
  • 100s of large Manufacturers, Retailers and Traders

Connected Record to Report Applications.

Accounts Receivable – Applications

Choose from standard AR applications or as for custom created Apps to process in business friendly formats.

Accounts Payable – Applications

Process with validation rules and checks against orders in a collaborative internal process to accept a 100% valid invoice into your ERP.

B2G Document Clearance

Integrated eInvoice or eWayBill or Export / Import document clearances with government systems

Integrated Reporting – (Internal/Compliance)

Bridge eInvoice data to ledger applications for reconciliation, ledger posting or compliance reporting.

Why enCollaborate

Eliminate corrective actions with collaborative processing ($$ Reduced T & M)

  • 30 – 40 % more efficient
  • Document corrections leads to additional documents
  • Save time and efforts with automated Reconciliation

Over 300 high reliability APIs to choose from

  • Orchestrate APIs with your own workflow to choose desired outcomes
  • Perform a whole range of validations, lookups and computations
  • Interact with govt systems or third party systems

Highly flexible and configurable

  • Process data from multiple sources and levels
  • Setup your own process/workflow
  • Define what collaborative actions you need
  • Generate any kind of reports – eInvoices, eLedgers or eReports